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Our Story

The story of Te Whakaora began in 2001, with one family’s commitment to restoring their community by supporting its most vulnerable families – helping them overcome the overwhelming struggles of violence, abuse, addiction and crime that they’re faced with everyday.

After selling their cafe and home in 2005 to establish faith-based community outreach programmes funded by their own savings, Te Whakaora Tangata Trust was eventually established in 2010, operating out of the Manurewa Marae.

The name Te Whakaora Tangata was gifted to the organisation by one of the Marae Kaumatua, and means “Life Restoration for the People”.


Our Mission

1. Restore, 2. Resource, and 3. Reconnect the most at-risk whānau in South Auckland, the Far North and beyond through faith-based and relationship-focused programmes and coaching.

Our Vision

To see once vulnerable families living well, and children given every opportunity to reach their full potential.

Our Journey

From emigrating to New Zealand from South Africa, to helping restore over 1200 families in less than 10 years, journey along our timeline below to experience all the highlights and milestones we’ve had since officially launching in 2010.

From South Africa to South Auckland


Founders, Cliffy and Indranee Reddy, emigrate with their children Shawn and Jenilee to New Zealand from South Africa. They soon establish a successful café in Clendon, Manurewa.

By 2005, the Reddy family have sold their cafe and home to establish faith-based community outreach programmes funded by their own savings.

Key Milestones

  • Strong relationships are developed with whānau in our community
  • Local families begin to open up about the overwhelming struggles of violence, abuse, addiction and crime

Te Whakaora Tangata Charitable Trust is established


The name Te Whakaora Tangata is gifted to the organisation by one of the Marae Kaumatua, and means “Life Restoration for our People”.

The first ‘Emotional Healing Courses’ are then run out of the Marae Wharekai.


Key Milestones

  • The first Emotional Healing (Family Restoration) Course was held
  • Nicole Coromandel from the Manurewa community joins Te Whakaora as our first-ever team member.
  • She soon becomes our first Whānau Coach.
Cliffy & Indranee at Manurewa Marae-3

New home at Clendon Community House – Restored homes for the community


By 2014, whānau are being ‘Restored, Resourced & Reconnected’ through our programmes, including one-on-one counselling, ongoing whānau coaching, advocacy & crisis support.

Key Statistics Milestones

  • We setup an office at the Clendon Community House
  • We begin running our programmes out of one of the House’s small rooms.
  • We see hundreds of families find hope and restoration
2014-06-03 10.20.48 copy

150 families per year find freedom


By 2017, we see around 150 new families a year find hope and restoration as we journey alongside them toward a brighter future.

Key Statistics Milestones

  • 4 Courses
  • Around 150 new families impacted per year
  • Up to 525 new children given a brighter future every year.
  • Len and Priscilla Moodley join the team to help deliver our Family Restoration Programmes
Pris home visit with newborn

We begin our work in the Far North


In early 2020, after recognising the extreme need of whānau up in the Far North, we setup a Northland office, and run our first-ever Family Restoration Course up in Kaitaia.

Key Statistics Milestones

  • Over 1300 families restored
  • Up to 4500 children able to flourish in a stable home.
  • John and Jacey Horan come on board to help us establish Te Whakaora Tangata in the Far North.
FarNorth Launch

10 Years of serving our community


2020 also marks our 10 year anniversary of supporting vulnerable and high-risk whānau in our community to find restoration and freedom from past trauma.

Key Statistics Milestones

  • 10 years since Te Whakaora Tangata officially began.
  • Alex and Lisa Snary take over as our new Auckland Restoration Programme Facilitators.
  • Our growing team moves into our current home of 10 Roys Road, Weymouth.
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Our legacy of Hope


In 2024, we’ve worked with over 2000 whānau with the continued goal of finding hope, restoration and a brighter future for them and their families.

“Its people like Te Whakaora that see potential in you and draw out what God had actually already destined for you.”
– Community Leader

Key Statistics Milestones

  • 2000 Families Reached
  • Around 400 whānau supported each year.
  • Up to 7000 children given a brighter future.
  • Mobile course delivery to isolated and struggling communities.
FRC Term2 Grad pic