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Our Programmes

Our programmes are tailored to address the challenges our community face including depression, drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence, suicide, sexual abuse, and family breakdown, so that rangatahi are given every opportunity to reach their full potential.


Family Restoration Programme

Te Whakaora Tangata works to restore futures for vulnerable whānau, breaking the cycle of dysfunction for families who are desperately in need of a better future. Restored + Resourced + Reconnected = Resilient



We restore family relationships by addressing past trauma, and facilitating emotional healing

Family Restoration Course:

  • 5 x 3hr sessions over 2 weeks exploring how past trauma affects us, our relationships and our whānau.

Intensive One-on-One counselling

  • Intensive individual one-on-one counselling sessions for those who complete the Family Restoration Course, are the highest risk and desperately want to turn their lives around.
  • Regular follow-up visits and mentoring for individuals/ couples for 12-18 months.

24-hour Crisis Intervention

  • On-call support for high-risk parents.



We resource and empower whānau with tools to live well & create stable homes

In-Home Whānau Coaching:

  • One-on-one in-home coaching, for individuals, couples and parents
  • Addresses issues such as addiction, budgeting, home management, parenting, coping
    strategies and life skills.
  • Offering advice on who to contact for families trying to find safe, affordable housing.

‘Kia Kaha’ Workshops:

  • Weekly group mentoring session offering support and advice around critical personal, relational and parenting issues.

SoulMates Course:

  • Ongoing couples counselling providing relationship and communication tools to improve stability in the home, and reduce domestic violence


  • Advocacy and support for clients dealing with the courts, probation or housing issues



We reconnect people with community, study and employment opportunities

Education & Employment

  • Assisting clients into legal sustainable employment with mentoring support and a custom plan for each whānau/client.
  • Connecting clients with work training programmes and courses, with regular mentoring support.
  • Helping parents engage with educational opportunities to gain qualifications and work experience.

Community Leadership Programme

  • Leadership and mentoring training for our emerging community leaders to equip them to mentor newly restored whānau and complete our continuous 3-Stage cycle
  • Equipping and empowering our emerging leaders to launch their own community initiatives and effect long-term community driven change.

Community Leadership Programme

Designed to equip emerging community leaders from the Family Restoration Programmes with the skills and training needed to lead and mentor other whānau in their community.



Training Objectives:

  • Focus on character & leadership development
  • Identifying service opportunities
  • Building connections for mutual support

Training Activities:

  • Theory only
  • Fortnightly training workshops
  • Individual Coaching
  • Training retreats

Training Outcomes:

  • Identified strengths & giftings
  • Identified skill gaps & growth areas
  • Understanding of holistic community care
  • Group Collaboration skillset
  • Positive community connections



Training Objectives:

  • Focus on practical mentoring skills & counselling practices
  • Safety & supervision training
  • Communication & public speaking
  • Personal Programme/community project Design
  • Guided mentoring opportunities

Training Activities:

  • Theory & Practical
  • Bespoke training plan
  • Monthly workshops
  • Specialised Consultant training
  • Hands-on community mentoring supported by Te Whakaora Coaches

Training Outcomes:

  • Mentor-lead community workshops
  • Mentoring of community whānau
  • Mentors in greater positions of community leadership & influence
  • Community group collaboration
  • Improved employment outcomes



Training Objectives:

  • Focus on community leadership & mentoring
  • Adapting past training to specific/contextual community service opportunities
  • Independently lead mentoring of whānau
  • Mentor-designed community project delivery

Training Activities:

  • Practical
  • Ongoing support & supervision
  • Executing Mentor-designed community projects
  • Training retreats

Training Outcomes:

  • Outstanding mentors will be employed by Te Whakaora to lead key community initiatives
  • Mentors on community boards, church teams & Iwi trusts alongside their community projects
  • Increased mental health/employment & financial stability


Due to the extreme needs of some of Aotearoa’s most isolated communities, we’ve launched our Mobile Programme Delivery in order to make our programmes available to these communities and give them hope for a restored future.

Full-day workshops:

  • Family Restoration Course adapted to isolated community settings in a one-day format
  • The pilot for this programme was our one-day ‘Free Woman – Emotional Healing’ Conference up in the Far North.
  • We are now working towards our second mobile programme delivery in Hokianga later in 2023