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Our Team

We are a team of passionate individuals, driven by a shared vision. At both governance and operational levels, our team brings valuable experience, innovative thinking on social challenges, extensive networks and a long term commitment to community transformation.

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Te Whakaora Team and Board

The Board

Chris Clarke

Chris Clarke

Chris is the Executive Director of Global Local – a network of leaders working with people from the profit, public, and for purpose sectors, committed to building the public good. Chris was formerly CEO of World Vision, as well as the Hawke’s Bay District Health Board (2003-2009) and has had a broad career in the New Zealand health sector as well as experience in health management and public policy in New Zealand, the United Kingdom and with the World Health Organisation in Europe. He brings a wealth of wisdom and experience to our Board.

Devagie Charles

Devagie Charles

Devagie has an Honours Degree in Educational Leadership and Management, a Teaching Degree, and a Post Grad in Special Educational Needs. She is the Deputy Principal of Sommerville School – the largest Special School in New Zealand. Devs has served on our Board since the very beginning, in 2010.

Geoff Harper

Geoff Harper

Geoff currently works at MAXIM in an operations role. He was previously employed by Christians Against Poverty for five years, in various roles including Strategic Advisor and Client Services Director. Prior to Geoff’s not-for-profit experiences, he had an extended career with Nestlé in production and supply chain management both in NZ and overseas. Whilst in the Nestlé NZ supply chain role, Geoff was an active member of the NZ Food Grocery Council, receiving a Lifetime Achiever award for his contribution. Geoff enjoys cycling, whether via the daily commute or off-road mountain biking. He also has a keen interest in faith-based reading.

Margot Shutt-2

Margot Shutt

Margot is a nurse and midwife by trade, who has worked in many of Auckland’s hospitals. She has also worked in various pastoral and church teaching roles. Margot grew up on family land in Opuatia (Ngati Tiipa), surrounded by her large extended whānau. Married to Stu, they have three young-adult children and run their nationally franchised housing company, Sentinel Homes. She is particularly interested in helping young people outwork the call of God in every sphere of their lives, and in seeing how godly business can impact the world.

Amanda Salmon

Amanda Salmon

Amanda is the Programme and Community Director at Arrow Leadership NZ. She recently completed a Graduate Diploma in Arts focusing on Christian Spirituality and is currently training to be a Spiritual Director. Amanda is an Ordained Minister with 15 years pastoral ministry experience, and has also served on local community boards, including the Waiuku Foodbank (2010-2019). Amanda is married to Lloyd, and they have four children aged between 12 and 23.

The Team

Cliffy Reddy

Cliffy Reddy

Cliffy, along with his wife Indranee, are the social innovators of Te Whakaora, designing and implementing Te Whakaora’s programmes in South Auckland. They have a proven track record of building high-trust relationships with extremely marginalised communities and are deeply respected by other community organisations. Cliffy spent 17 years in the South African police, and is a certified Pastor. Cliffy and his wife Indranee have established a number of successful mission projects overseas. They emigrated to New Zealand with their two children in 2001, setting up a successful family restaurant before establishing Te Whakaora’s as a Charitable Trust operating out of the Manurewa Marae in 2010. Cliffy was later invited to join the Marae Board. In 2020 he and Indranee moved to Kaitaia to establish Te Whakaoa’s work in the Far North. Cliffy is passionate about seeing whanau set free from their past pain and has seen some amazing things happen as he has been working with some of the toughest members of our communities.

Indranee Reddy

Indranee Reddy

Indranee worked as an Accountant at Unilever in South Africa before emigrating to New Zealand in 2001. After selling the family restaurant in Manurewa, she managed finances for SouthPark Corporation and Maxim Institute whilst simultaneously working exhaustively in her own time to establish Te Whakaora’s foundational programmes. She has been instrumental in the design of Te Whakaora’s unique approach. Indranee completed a certificate course in counseling at Laidlaw College and a Supervision course at Unitec. Indranee and Cliffy established Te Whakaora in the Far North in 2020, where they are now facilitating Restoration programmes for the community and running Community Leadership training. Indranee and her husband Cliffy passed their passion for our communities on to their two adult children, who both work for Te Whakaora; they also have two beautiful mokopuna.

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Shawn Reddy

Shawn was born in South Africa and in 2001 emigrated to New Zealand with his parents – Te Whakaora’s Founders, Cliffy and Indranee Reddy. Shawn has a BA in Psychology and BSc in Anatomy and Structural Biology from the University of Otago, and was awarded the StepUp Scholarship. He studied Te Reo Māori, Māori Culture and Society, and Ngāi Tahu tradition and was a delegate at the 2014 Aspiring Leaders Forum at Parliament; he also graduated from the seven month residential Venn Foundation internship. Before joining the Te Whakaora team in 2015, Shawn served as a volunteer for a number of non-profit organisations in Auckland and Dunedin. Shawn developed and ran training groups, youth programmes and delivered one-to-one counselling, before becoming General Manager and then CEO of Te Whakaora in 2020. Shawn is passionate about our community and is committed to seeing people restored and living out their full potential. He married Tawhiwhi Paine (Tuhoe) in 2022 and they have a beautiful baby boy.

Ngaire Munro

Ngaire Munro
Whānau Coach

A Manurewa local, Ngaire previously worked for Te Awa Ora Trust, facilitating their “Talking Trash” programme, is involved in promoting community health initiatives, and was a whānau support worker at the Manurewa Marae when Te Whakaora launched there in 2010. Ngaire joined our team early in 2016, has a long history working with one of our closest collaborators, Manurewa Marae, and was one of the earliest participants in Te Whakaora’s programmes. Ngaire plays a critical, frontline role supporting our highest-risk clients and building strong, trusting relationships with whānau. She is a widely loved and valued member of our team and works hard to ensure our clients feel supported and remain focused on their journey of healing.

Tekura (TK) Leota

Tekura (TK) Leota
Whānau Coach

Tekura brings her love of people and her passion for helping others to her role as Whānau Coach. After years of experience working in the community, with trusts and corporate clients, and as an entrepreneur with her own clothing brand – TK is widely loved and respected for the quality of care she brings to our whānau, including advising on topics such as parenting, relationships, and general life skills. She has completed a Diploma in Design and Manufacturing, and as a mum of two young adults, has a particular affinity for young people.


Charmaine Faifai
Whānau Coach

Born and raised in South Auckland, Charmaine is 12 years married, with two beautiful daughters. Besides her extensive experience at NZ Post in customer service, administration and coordination, she also helps to manage a small family business in automotive paint restoration. Since joining Te Whakaora, she has found a new passion for our community, and her 14 years at NZ Post have developed the crucial skills needed to coordinate the delivery of our services so our whānau can share their stories and find healing and restoration. Having been our Service Delivery Coordinator, she is now excited to serve our community as one of our Whānau Coaches and see real change in their lives as she journey’s alongside them.


Tony Faifai
Whānau Coach

Tony is Samoan but has called New Zealand home for the majority of his life. Here at Te Whakaora Tangata, he is driven by a deep desire to see families restored and cultivate meaningful connections among young men, fathers, and the wider community. Tony is also husband to Charmaine and father to two beautiful daughters that keep him on his toes. In his spare time, he loves to channel his energy into Christian hip hop rap music, using music to inspire and connect with the younger generation.


Tina Bibb-Kirtlan
Far North Whānau Coach

Tina is a Kaitaia local, who loves the Far North’s laid back lifestyle. Tina has a background in finance and administration. She has a flare for business, and with her husband Michael they have farmed and run their own businesses in the district for more than 30 years. She is passionate about the local church and community, and has used her entrepreneurial gift to relaunch a community project equipping and mentoring vulnerable young mothers and their whānau. Tina has also worked as the lead spiritual equipping teacher of Kaitaia Abundant Life School. She has 3 grown children and loves to volunteer in her local community.


Angela Radojkovich
Far North Whānau and Programme Coordinator

Angela was born and raised in the Far North amongst the farming community. She is of Croatian descent and mother to four grown children. Her background is in Admin and Accounting, but she has always had a heart for people and her community, having served in various voluntary roles over the years. This has also led her to be very passionate about the work we do at Te Whakaora and is excited to serve and support the local community as part of the Far North team.


Alex Snary
Programme Delivery Manager

Alex has 20+ years’ experience in community development both national and international. He has led teams implementing community initiatives from small rural poverty relief to major international disaster or conflict-related humanitarian efforts and has experience at both the grassroots community level, and at the national policy level. Alex has been Country Director and Board Member for two World Vision international offices, General Manager at World Vision NZ and served as a pastor at Elim Manurewa. In 2021 Alex joined the Te Whakaora team. Alex leads our frontline South Auckland team and delivers our Life Restoration courses and workshops. With a degree in psychology and years of experience in pastoral counselling, Alex also conducts one-to-one and couples counselling for whānau.

Lisa Snary

Lisa Snary
Programme Delivery Facilitator

Lisa helps lead our frontline team in South Auckland, delivering our Life Restoration course, and providing counselling to individuals and couples. Lisa has more than 30 years national and international experience working with families in crisis, including foster care, prison ministry, family support and pastoral care. For 20 years, Lisa lived internationally, working cross-culturally in countries facing instability due to extreme poverty, natural disasters, political upheaval or armed conflict, living and working alongside extremely poor and vulnerable families. After working with Te Whakaora initially as a Whānau Coach, Lisa now works alongside her husband Alex to facilitate Te Whakaora’s Restoration Programmes in South Auckland and helping whānau find restoration in every area of their lives.


Wiremu Ruka
Programme Delivery Coordinator

Wiremu joined the Te Whakaora team in 2023 as our Programme Delivery Coordinator. In this role, he leverages his passion for community and creative flair to create a welcoming atmosphere for whānau at every course and workshop. With a foundation rooted in his Māori heritage (Tuhoe) and his experience in community projects, and youth care, his skills form an integral part of our frontline team. Wiremu is deeply dedicated to supporting vulnerable whanau – particularly in the area of identity. He strives to embody and share the endless compassion and love of God in every facet of his life and his role at Te Whakaora.


Len Moodley
Leadership Development Manager

Len joined the team with his wife Priscilla in March 2017 after emigrating from South Africa. Len has over 22 years of experience in various managerial and leadership roles in the non-profit and Government & corporate sectors, with a strong background in risk management, community development & service delivery. Len holds a degree in Risk Management, a diploma in Human Resources, and a degree in Policing Law, and has the knowledge and expertise to navigate the challenges and opportunities in our communities. He is passionate about working with high-risk people and helping them achieve positive outcomes through mentoring, coaching, and implementing strategies that minimise violent behavior, criminal offending, and family dysfunction.

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Priscilla Moodley
Community and People Manager

Priscilla joined Te Whakaora with her husband Len in 2017 after emigrating from South Africa where she had served in the public sector for 26 years. Priscilla was twice awarded “Policewoman of the Year” for working to bridge the gap between police and the community, addressing social factors that contributed to criminal activity, including substance abuse and dysfunctional families. She graduated Cum Laude from the University of South Africa and set up a non-profit, “Africa Hands of Love”. After serving South Auckland the community as a Programme Facilitator at Te Whakaora, Priscilla helped develop and lead our Community Leadership Programme. She is a gifted communicator, who is passionate about serving our community and seeing whānau thrive and reach their full potential.


Robert Brown
Youth Mentoring Coach

In 2016, Robert (Ngāpuhi, Ngati Kahu) and his partner of 33 years, Shirlene, were healed and restored through completing the Te Whakaora Tangata Restoration programme. Before this, Robert had been a long-time offender and spent over 15 years in and out of jail. Robert married Shirlene, and they have three adult children and nine mokopuna. Robert has personal first-hand experience with the justice system and has a heart to give back to society by mentoring youth who are in the justice system and who suffer various forms of trauma. Robert has completed Te Whakaora Tangata’s Community Leadership Programme, and after 7 years of journeying with Te Whakaora Tangata now works with us as a Youth Mentor Coach, speaking to young people and sharing his story all over South Auckland.


Alisi Dickson
Community Projects Manager

Alisi joined the Te Whakaora team in 2023, working in the Community Leadership team, mentoring and supporting our Phase Three leaders in developing their community projects and facilitating community hui. Of Pasifika and Māori descent (Ngaiterangi, Ngai te Ranginui), Alisi has been married to Jason for 22 years; they are raising two beautiful children. Alisi has dedicated more than two decades to grassroots community work, spanning education, social services, youth mentoring, and various community roles, due to her deep commitment to leadership development in disadvantaged communities.


Margaret Williams
Community Support Worker

Margaret brings her love of people and her passion for helping families into her role as a Community Support worker. Alongside a long career in business and financial administration, she has a strong background in local church mentoring for both groups and individuals. Margaret brings her skills and experience together in this role to develop and support whānau mentoring programmes that equip families to thrive. Self-described as a true “outdoor girl” at heart, Margaret enjoys travel, sports, and nature hikes with family and friends.


Victor Milne
Director of Operations

Victor worked in operations within the Hospitality Industry for over 30 years, before joining the Te Whakaora team in 2022 as our Director of Operations. Victor has a genuine love for people and has brought a wealth of wisdom to our team, ensuring the wellbeing and health of every team member. Victor is a committed Christian who, in his spare time, serves in his local church, “The River”, and runs a connect group with his wife Heather. They have two teenage sons and are originally from South Africa, but came to New Zealand via Australia. The family moved here from Australia in 2007 and proudly call New Zealand home.

Shimal Ram

Shimal Ram
Executive Assistant

Shimal Ram has been the Executive Assistant to Indranee and Shawn Reddy for the last four years, supporting them both in the logistical, administrative and practical aspects of their work, as they lead Te Whakaora in South Auckland and the Far North. Shimal has developed a breadth of experience through her customer service, business administration and supervisory roles in industries ranging from manufacturing to entertainment. Having grown up in South Auckland after emigrating from Fiji at the age of 12, she has a deep connection with the local community. Shimal has an incredible capacity and ability to multi-task, network and collaborate with people from all walks of life. She is a proud mum to her beautiful teenage daughter, and a lover of dogs and nature.

Vanessa Blaauw

Vanessa Blaauw
Operations Coordinator

Vanessa joined the Te Whakaora team in 2020 as our office coordinator. With a remarkable ability to get things done, and a huge caring heart for people, Vanessa is now our Operations Coordinator – ensuring that everything in the organisation runs smoothly and that the team is well cared for. Vanessa has a background in preschool teaching and administration which has led to a variety of roles throughout her career, from starting pre-schools in South Africa, where she was born, to working in hospitality, the travel industry and later the manufacturing industry in New Zealand, where she has lived since 2005. She is mum to four wonderful young adult children and in her spare time loves to up-cycle and restore furniture.

James Raea

James Raea
Marketing & Evaluations Manager

Everything James does is driven by his Christian faith in how he seeks to pass on the love of Jesus to others. It was this faith, passed on by his late Father, that led James and his brother to co-found “TRETH”, a Christian-based sports fashion label with a mission is to “be the answer” to world need, through creativity, innovation and donating 50% of profits to charity. With a background in Marketing and Operations, James brings both his business acumen and his heart for people to the Te Whakaora team. He is passionate about sharing the life-changing stories of our whānau so that many others can come to know about the work we do.


Simone Graham
Grants Manager

Simone has a background in youth work, having established the Creative Learning Scheme alternative education programme in 1997. She started a blog in 2008, sharing the ups and downs of life and parenting (including raising 3 neuro-diverse children, and navigating mental health challenges). She also wrote articles for Parenting Magazine for a number of years. A sole parent to three teenagers and two rescue dogs, Simone loves to encourage and empower people who are struggling, through her writing. For the last eight years, she has been working in grants funding and communications for a number of charitable organisations before joining the Te Whakaora team in 2021 as Grants Manager.


Zara Graham
Grants Writer & Administrator

Having grown up in Afghanistan, Zara has a passion for social justice and development. With a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, International Relations and Human Services, Zara is well-versed in community-led development and participatory research methods in bicultural and multicultural contexts. Zara loves fundraising, helping raise money and awareness for Hagar New Zealand (an anti-human-trafficking organisation) and Diamond Harbour Youth and Community Trust (her hometown’s youth organisation). Zara moved from Christchurch to Auckland in 2023 to join Te Whakaora where uses her many valuable skills across a number of areas, including Grants, Evaluations and IT.


Leanne Taurere
Administrative Assistant

Leanne joined our team in 2024 as Administrative Assistant, bringing a wealth of experience from the FMCG sector, including project management, accounting, and business administration. Leanne is passionate about seeing people transformed, experiencing freedom and being released into their full potential. In 2023, Leanne completed a Diploma in Christian Leadership, implementing a government-required Disability Action Plan as her internship project at Elim Leadership College. Leanne has been married to husband Peter for 22 years and has two young adult children; they all serve their community through their home church, Elim Botany.