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Te Whakaora Tangata is committed to providing long term emotional, spiritual and practical support so you can create a better future for you and your whānau.

If you would like to refer yourself or someone else to our programmes please click below – we look forward to journeying alongside you and your whānau.


Family Restoration Programme

To begin our 3-Stage Programme (Restore, Resource & Reconnect), Te Whakaora offers a free, five-session Family Restoration Course to help you start your healing journey and become the role model your children and grandchildren need. We focus on identifying and working through the root causes of trauma, suicidal thoughts and depression. The Auckland and Far North courses run for five-morning sessions over two weeks.

After completing the Family Restoration Course, families are then equipped with the tools to live well, through in-home whānau coaching, one-on-one counselling, practical advice – including employment coaching, as well as support in overcoming addictions.

In addition, our Community Mentoring Programme has been launched for emerging leaders who have completed our Family Restoration Programme and have a desire to mentor other community whānau through their own restoration journey.

You can complete a referral form yourself or be referred by a community agency or health service. If you would like to submit a referral form, please click the ‘Make a Referral’ button above.

Who can come

You qualify for our support if you feel there is no way out of your situation and you’re worried you might harm yourself or others. Oranga Tamariki may have removed your children, you may have a court case pending, or you’re at the lowest point in your life.

There is Hope

If wanting help to turn your life around and create a brighter future for your children, we would love to hear from you. Read some stories of hope below.

Stories of hope

For more information please contact: