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of Hope

The parents who come to us for help want better for their children but need help to break negative intergenerational cycles of poverty, violence and abuse.

After more than 14 years working in the community, Te Whakaora Tangata has worked with over 2,000 families in South Auckland and the Far North, benefitting up to 7,000 vulnerable children.

WATCH OUR LEGACY VIDEO HERE to learn more about the legacy of hope our community whānau now have with the support of our programmes.

Watch below to see more stories of hope.


Rob’s Story of Change

Rob was involved in the gang life and crime, in and out of prison; he completed 78 programmes through the prison system but nothing worked. He was mentored through Te Whakaora and saw his family restored, and his drug habits broken. Rob is now a business owner who is giving back to the community and mentoring other young men.

Lionel & TeMaria

Lionel & Te Maria’s Story of Hope

Far North couple, Lionel and TeMaria, were desperate for change for their family. Lionel was unemployed and they were living in his van; methamphetamine was ruling their lives and their children had been removed from their care. Things changed dramatically after they began working with Te Whakaora Tangata…


Portrait of happy Maori woman at home.

Generational Change: Āwhina’s story

“I never knew what hope was, what faith was, or what trust was. I knew the words, but I didn’t know what they were. That’s what this programme has instilled—those little words that I heard but didn’t know.”

“Before Te Whakaora, life was hell. I’d be lucky to go three days without being beaten. I was willing to do anything to be loved…I can’t remember how many times I passed out from being strangled. I remember running to my daughter’s room once because I knew if I was alone, I would die.”

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From depression and abuse to fully restored

“I honestly didn’t even think I’d get to 50 (years of age). I had no hope. Now, I’m just so thankful and I want to share my story with my family and people I meet because if I can be healed, then anyone can.”

Please be aware, that there are some details in the story below which may be difficult for some people to read.

Naomi remembers being abused for the first time when she was just 4 years of age. Her Father removed her from her grandparents (who had raised her up until that point) and her life took a traumatic turn from that point on. The sexual abuse began at age 7 and would continue for the next 10 years. The level of trauma Naomi suffered at the hands of her closest family members is horrifying.

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