Our Process

We support parents through a unique three-stage process over a two-year period, dramatically increasing protective factors in the early years of a child’s life.


Emotional Healing & Family Restoration

We restore family relationships by addressing past trauma.

Family Restoration Course:

  • Our flagship course
  • 5 x 3 hour group sessions over 5 weeks
  • 4 x courses per year with up to 30 parents (including couples) attending each course
  • Intensive individual one-on-one sessions for those who attend all 5 weeks of the course, are the highest risk and desperately want to turn their lives around.
  • Regular follow-up visits and mentoring for individuals/couples for 3-6 months.

Crisis Intervention:

  • In-home support for high-risk parents.

Tools for Living

We resource whanau with tools to live well.

Whanau Coaching:

  • One-on-one in-home coaching for individuals, couple and parents.
  • Addresses issues such as addiction, budgeting, home management, coping strategies and life skills.
  • Offering advice of who to contact for families trying to find safe, affordable housing.

Kia Kaha Workshops:

  • Weekly group mentoring session offering support and advice around critical personal, relational and parenting issues.

Earning & Learning

We reconnect people with opportunities to study, work and give back to their community.

  • Assisting clients into legal sustainable employment, with mentoring support.
  • Employment programme in partnership with Griffins Foods – for clients who meet the criteria.
  • Building on our relationships with CAP Jobs Club.
  • Connecting clients with work training programmes and courses, with regular mentoring support.
  • Helping parents engage with educational opportunities to gain qualifications and work experience.
  • Supporting emerging Maori leaders from within the community through collaborative partnerships and employment – to effect long term change in the community.
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