Our team

We are a bunch of passionate individuals, driven by a shared vision. At both governance and operational levels, our team brings extensive networks, valuable experience, fresh thinking on social challenges and a long term commitment to sector innovation.


Board of Trustees

  • Greg Fleming - (Deputy Chair) CEO of The Parenting Place

    Greg co-founded Maxim Institute in 2001– a public policy think tank focusing on education, justice and poverty, and subsequently founded Venn Foundation which provides unique educational opportunities for young social innovators. He received a Sir Peter Blake Emerging Leader Award in 2005.

  • Chris Clarke - (Executive Chair)

    Chris was formerly CEO of World Vision, as well as the Hawke's Bay District Health Board (2003-2009) and has had a broad career in the New Zealand health sector as well as experience in health management and public policy in New Zealand, the United Kingdom and with the World Health Organisation in Europe.

  • Devagie Charles - Special Needs Itinerant Teacher, Ministry of Education (Secretary)

    Devagie has an Honours Degree in Leadership and Management, a degree in Teaching and a Diploma in Special Needs Education. She now works as a Special Needs Itinerant Teacher for the Ministry of Education, equipping teachers and parents in mainstream schools with skills to support special needs students.

  • Tuhi Isaachsen - Director – Strategy, KPMG

    Tuhi is an Auckland-based Director with KPMG Advisory, helping businesses make strategic decisions about growth, operational improvement and restructuring. He was also General Manager of Development at Synergine – a values based consultancy that supports the collaboration of industry, government and academia.

  • Noelene Raffills - retired Auckland City Councillor

    Noelene served on the Auckland City Council from 2000 -2013, including roles as Chair of the Law and Order Committee, Chair of the Art Gallery Board, Chair of the Hearings Committee and member of the Working Party on the Auckland Unitary Plan. She has also taught at primary and secondary levels.

  • Alex Snary - Pastor at Elim Christian Centre

    Alex has over 20 years' experience in community development both national and international. He has led teams implementing community initiatives from small rural poverty relief to major international disaster or conflict-related humanitarian efforts. He has experience at both the grassroots community level, and at the national government policy level. Alex has been the Country Director and a Board Member for two of World Vision's international offices, a General Manager at World Vision's local NZ office and was also Chairman of a microfinance institution. Currently, Alex is serving the South Auckland community as a pastor at the Elim Christian Centre Manurewa.

Our Staff

  • Cliffy Reddy - Co-Founder

    Cliffy, along with his wife Indranee, are the social innovators of Te Whakaora, designing and implementing Te Whakaora's programmes in South Auckland. They have a proven track record of building high-trust relationships with extremely marginalised communities and are deeply respected by other community organisations. Cliffy spent 17 years in the South African police, and is a certified Pastor. Cliffy and his wife Indranee have established a number of successful mission projects overseas. They emigrated to New Zealand with their two children in 2001, setting up a successful family restaurant before establishing Te Whakaora's social services. Cliffy is now also on the Board of the Manurewa Marae.

  • Indranee Reddy - Co-Founder

    Indranee worked as an Accountant at Unilever in South Africa before emigrating to New Zealand in 2001. After selling the family restaurant in Manurewa, she managed finances for SouthPark Corporation and Maxim Institute whilst simultaneously working exhaustively in her own time to establish Te Whakaora's foundational programmes. She has been instrumental in the design of Te Whakaora's unique approach. Indranee has completed a certificate course in counseling at Laidlaw College and a Supervision course at Unitec. Indranee and her husband Cliffy have two adult children, who both work for Te Whakaora.

  • Shawn Reddy - CEO

    Shawn has a BSc in Anatomy and Structural Biology and a BA in Psychology from the University of Otago, and was awarded the StepUp Scholarship. Prior to joining Te Whakaora, Shawn held a management position at 4Seasons Home and Living, and served as a volunteer for a number of Non-profit organisations in Auckland and Dunedin. He has studied Te Reo Maori, Maori Culture and Society, and Ngāi Tahu tradition and was a delegate at the 2014 Aspiring Leaders Forum held in Parliament. In 2015 Shawn graduated from the seven month residential Venn Foundation internship programme, which aims to see people live well-examined and integrated lives, led by community and virtue. Shawn was born in South Africa and in 2001 emigrated to New Zealand with his parents – Te Whakaora's Founders, Cliffy and Indranee Reddy.

  • Ngaire Munro - Whanau Coach

    A Manurewa local, Ngaire previously worked for Te Awa Ora Trust, facilitating their "Talking Trash" programme, is involved in promoting community health initiatives, and was a whanau support worker at the Manurewa marae when Te Whakaora launched there in 2010.

  • Margaret Williams - Finance Officer

    Margaret comes to Te Whakaora after 17 years experience in the commercial world, and is skilled in all aspects of administration and accounts. Margaret brings a unique combination of heart and skill to our team as our Financial Officer, tracking donations and overseeing accounts and administration.

  • Len Moodley - Service Delivery Manager

    Len joined the team with his wife Priscilla in March 2017 after emigrating from Pretoria, South Africa. He served in the South African Police Service for a period of 16 years, then worked in the corporate sector in Insurance Investigations and Assessing for a period of 10 years. Len also travelled around Africa on mission trips - empowering communities through training and development, and has served as a local church Elder and leader. As an experienced coach and mentor, he served on the Board of non-profit organisation Africa Hands of Love.

  • Priscilla Moodley - Community & People Manager

    Priscilla joined the team with her husband Len in March 2017 after emigrating from South Africa. She served in the public sector for a period of 26 years, including 16 years in the South African Police Service in Crime Prevention and Media/Communications roles. Priscilla was twice awarded the honour of Police Woman of the Year, working to bridge the gap between police and the community in addressing social factors that contributed to criminal activity, including issues of substance abuse and dysfunctional families. She has travelled around Africa on mission trips and served her local church as an Elder and Leader. Along with her husband Len, she set up the non-profit organisation, Africa Hands of Love.

  • Aaron Ironside - Consultant

    Aaron joined the team in October 2018 after returning from living in Sydney, Australia. He was a popular radio host for the Rhema Media stations for 18 years, and has also pastored a church in West Auckland with his wife Debbi. Aaron is also a trained Psychologist, and has spent several years offering counselling and supervision services through his private practice. He has three young adults children and two adorable Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. In his spare time, he can be found on his local golf course, or trying to perfect low and slow BBQ.

  • Jenilee Reddy - Marketing and Evaluations

    Jenilee has a BA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from the University of Otago, and a Bachelor of Business in Marketing from Auckland University of Technology. Prior to joining Te Whakaora, Jeni has worked for Auckland Transport and completed a market research project involving public transport users, and led a team of digital marketing professionals at advertising company, Student Card. Jeni was born in South Africa and in 2001, emigrated to New Zealand with her parents – Te Whakaora's Founders, Cliffy and Indranee Reddy.

  • Lisa Snary - Whanau Coach Coordinator

    Lisa has more than 30 years national and international experience working with families in crisis, including foster care, prison ministry, family support and pastoral care with the Elim Churches of NZ. For twenty years, Lisa lived internationally and worked cross-culturally in countries facing instability due to extreme poverty, natural disasters, political upheaval or armed conflict; living and working alongside extremely poor and vulnerable families. Now resident in Manurewa, Lisa's passion for people continues to motivate her to reach out into the community to walk alongside those struggling in crisis.

  • Brandan Govender - Accounts Manager

    Brandan joined the team in March as a full time volunteer after emigrating from South Africa. He helped us with grant research and planning, and has now officially joined the team as our Accounts Manager. Brandan has a BCom Honours Degree in Financial Management Sciences, has a worked in the largest bank in Africa, and brings a wealth of knowledge in financial planning and analysis.

  • John Horan - Far North Service Delivery Manager

    John grew up in the Far North and loves the area and its people. He completed a local printing apprenticeship after high school, and continued that occupation while abroad and upon returning to New Zealand. He has over 15 years of experience working with high-risk whanau, teaching necessary life skills and supporting whanau to thrive and succeed. His experience includes roles working with youth and children, running a men's group and a local CAP course, as well as tutoring and teaching alternative education. John has a Bachelor of Social Services from the University of Otago, graduating with Distinction, and brings a wealth of experience and local insight to Te Whakaora. John, along with his wife Jacey and their three kids, are deeply connected to their community and are excited to be a part of the Te Whakaora whanau working in the Far North.

  • Jacey Horan - Far North Service Delivery Coordinator

    Jacey has a strong background in administration and events coordination through her work in the UK, Australia, Whangarei and Kaitaia. She has also thrived in community work in the Far North, specifically working alongside teen girls, young mums and nurturing children. She is a creative person at heart, and is excited to bring this passion to her work in the Far North, along with her husband John and their three kids.


ADVISOR: Dr Myron Friesen – Senior Lecturer and Researcher, Child and Adolescent Development and Family Psychology, University of Canterbury

Myron brings significant insight and leadership experience to the issues related to early childhood development and family wellbeing. Upon completing a PhD in 2005 in Social Psychology, Myron worked for the Psychology Department at the University of Canterbury coordinating courses in child development, personality, family, and adult development. From 2007 through 2009 Myron worked as a postdoctural research fellow with Professor Lianne Woodward on a parenting and family life study funded by the Health Research Council in conjunction with the Christchurch Health and Development Study (CHDS). The CHDS is a 30 year longitudinal study of over 1200 people born in Christchurch and investigates critical child development issues concerned with early developmental risks, brain development, parenting and family functioning. Now a senior lecturer in the College of Education, Health & Human Development, Myron lectures across undergraduate and graduate courses on child and adolescent development, and together with his Masters and PhD students, pursues research on social development, parenting, family well-being, and positive youth development. Myron served as the Board of Trustees secretary for the Christchurch South City Youth trust from 2009 to 2014, and has been an advisor to the Te Whakaora Board since mid 2015.

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