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Our Partners

We believe in the power of partnership. It is one of the five core values which underpins our work. Te Whakaora has a close working relationship with a number of organisations and we are always open to working with others who share our vision and values.


For us, partnership starts at the grassroots – listening to our community, responding to needs, learning together and refining our approach accordingly. Collaborating with other organisations strengthens our offering, and our vital partnership with funders makes Te Whakaora’s work possible.

Local Partners

Manurewa Marae – they refer clients to our programmes, and we refer clients to their health services. Our two organisations consult on community needs and Te Whakaora uses the Marae on a regular basis for programme delivery and special events.

Solomon Group (South Auckland) – they refer clients to us and we consult on client and community needs.

Christians Against Poverty (South Auckland) – CAP provide budgeting and debt management services which complements our programmes well. Their Jobs Club is also able to assist our clients with CV preparation and securing employment.

Griffins Foods – We are involved in an employment partnership programme with Griffins (one of New Zealand’s largest branded food companies), to assist clients into legal, sustainable employment with mentoring support.

Te Whakaora also consults with gang leadership regarding community needs, as members and their whanau are often referred to our services.

The leaders of the Manurewa Marae are charged to provide an environment for the mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing of families. It’s my privilege to see Te Whakaora’s activities being carried out on our Marae.
Rangi McLean, Chairperson (Manurewa Marae).

Funding Partners

We are also extremely grateful to the many individuals, trusts and foundations who have chosen to partner with us by contributing financially to the work of Te Whakaora.

The trusts and foundations who currently contribute to Te Whakaora include:

New Zealand Communities Growth Trust | L.W.Nelson