One Story of Many

Gang leader now changing the gang culture

I don’t want the younger ones to take 50 years to learn the lessons, I want to pass it on while they are still young. We want to finish well and change the perception of the gangs.

In the 1990's I began hitting hard drugs like heroin and cocaine. Life started going downhill. Drugs, alcohol and violence became normal. I've been in the [gang] movement for 30yrs. I had no role models, no support. I brought a lot of ugly into the home environment.

I highly recommend the Emotional Healing course to everyone, especially the bros from the gangs. If I can do it so can everyone else. It finally brought our whanau back as one unit. We came at the right time, missed 15 years of being happy, putting on a false face.

Without funders, there's no course, where will the families go? We cannot trust anyone else.