our story

Te Whakaora has made a deep commitment to the restoration of families that have hit rock bottom – whanau struggling under the weight of poverty, sexual abuse, gangs, drugs and violence. Since registering as a trust in 2010, our multi-systemic approach has delivered exceptional outcomes for marginalised parents and their kids, and demand for our services is accelerating.

We warmly invite your support to effect change. Together we can create a future for South Auckland and the Far North's most vulnerable families.

Our vision

To see intergenerational cycles of family dysfunction broken.

Our mission

To help vulnerable parents become strong and live well, enabling their children to reach their full potential.

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Our name 'Te Whakaora Tangata' was gifted to us by the Manurewa Marae in 2010 and means 'life restoration for the people'.

Strategic Aims

  1. To RESTORE families emotionally, spiritually and relationally.
  2. To RESOURCE families with tools to live well: parenting, domestic and financial skills, addiction support, housing opportunities, clothing, furniture, food.
  3. To RECONNECT families with opportunities to study, work and give back to their community through service and leadership.
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