Our Purpose

Parents cannot create a safe, nurturing environment for their children if the important relationships in their own lives are dysfunctional. Therefore our work is uniquely focussed on restoring relationships by addressing past trauma; resourcing families with tools to live well; and reconnecting people with opportunities to study, work and give back to their community.

restored + resourced + reconnected = resilient


To see once vulnerable families living well and children given every opportunity to reach their full potential.


To restore, resource and reconnect South Auckland's most at-risk families.


Faith, Family, Partnership, Stewardship.

Working primarily in South Auckland, Te Whakaora Tangata is a Christian, faith-based organisation. The values of faith, family, partnership and stewardship underpin our work with 150-200 parents every year, directly impacting 300-400 vulnerable children. The success of Te Whakaora's work is not only reflected by the number of families strengthened, but by the reality of hope-filled relationships and the breakdown of intergenerational cycles of family dysfunction.